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<IUJ|Lappy> maybe you don't want to find "too" much info about me ;)
<IUJ|Lappy> I might decide to disown you all (cept zaddy, I'd never disown you <3)

Zaddy zaddy zaddy, the #80h pet.

Zaddy is something that is beyond description. Like the matrix, noone can be TOLD what zaddy is, you have to see it for yourself!

Zaddy (aka ZaidaZadkiel) is like the mascot, or pet of #80h, the only member beloved by all and our mexican representative.

As of 2010, Zaddy has been offline a lot, trying to become a useful member of that game called Real Life selling handicrafts and stuff.

Since december 2009, Zaddy is married to a man named Adrián, and trying really hard to be happy with him, and so far succeeding at it.

Zaddy and Zaddybike

All of 2010 was lost in a flurry of gay sex, drugs and magical girls which are making Zaddy into the girl Zaddy always wasn't.

And because of the crazy life, Zaddy has moved from the peaceful and tranquil island, into the land of chainsaw wielding narcos. When questioned about the move, Zaddy would reply "I was bored"