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I am 21 years old, an avid sports fan of both hockey and football. Currently going to Point Park University for a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and eventually a real EE degree hopefully. I spend my time with my lovely girlfriend, Emma, of 2 years, and the rest of my time studying electronics, programming, and driver development. I am currently involved with learning reverse engineering on the Win32 platform, and fluent in C programming and the weight room. I hope to finally get my bench up to 3x8 300 pounds without using 'Roids. I am probably the only person in #80h that isn't a transsexual or homo, a rare feat, as over half the channel has some sort of sexual dysfunction.



My dysfunction is that I make up not being homo or a transexual by being a total jerk and chauvinist pig to all women. And my girlfriend is actually my hand.