80h Wiki

The main channel of the network, and central point of interest of iris-network, it is autojoined on connecting. Presided over by IUJ and a kinda useless bot called Takk, whose sourcecode has already been infested by bugs and other parasites due to IUJ's apathy.


Takk is the bot. Has a tendency to lyssaspeak on certain inputs like "omginorite".

Some of Takk's commands:

!google Queries www.google.com with your parameter line
!explain Shows what users have told Takk to !learn about a word. Try "!explain matt" for a mini-flood
!learn Creates a new word for Takk to remember
!add Appends a new entry to an already !learned word
!seen Shows the last time a nickname has been online, accepts * as a wildcard.
!topic Changes the topic to "Welcome to #80h <your text>
!revert Changes the topic to the previous topic
!append Appends your text to the topic "<topic> <your text>